4 Journals to Help you Practice Gratitude

Hello my friends! This is a short, but sweet list of three resources to help you create a gratitude routine. I’m looking for a new gratitude journal myself so I thought I would share my research with you and let you know which one I’m going to purchase.

1. Intelligent Change – The Five Minute Journal ($23.00)

This journal, featured on Goop, is not only beautiful, but provides five helpful prompts for you to complete each day.

There are three prompts to fill out before you start your day:

  • I am grateful for…
  • What will make today great..
  • Daily affirmations. I am…

And two prompts to fill out at the end of the day:

  • 3 amazing things that happened today…
  • How could I have made today even better…

The Five-Minute Journal

2. LaMare – One Day at Time Daily Planner ($35.95)

I’ve kind of fallen in love with this brand. All their productivity and inspirational products are so beautiful and totally speak to my personal development nerdy soul! They do have a specific gratitude journal, but I really like their day planner, which has a space for gratitude each day as well. *Note: This particular planner is an affiliate link, which means I get a percentage of the sale.

Lamare Day Planner

3. Kikki.K – Gratitude Journal: Inspiration ($29.95)

Another beautiful journal with attention prompts to get you thinking about your present and future. These are all the prompts listed in the table of contents:

  • How to use the journal
  • Benefits of Gratitude
  • Reverse bucket list
  • People in your life
  • Your gratitude vision board
  • Gratitude tokens
  • Moments of gratitude
  • Tabs Jan – Dec

Inside look of the Gratitude Journal

If you like this brand, there is full line of personal development journals which include the following:

Journal options from Kikki.k

4. New Gratitude Journal App (Free)

If you dream of having a beautiful gratitude journal, but your reality is that you hardly get 5 minutes a day to sit alone with a pen in your hand? (Hello mamas with little ones!) Yes, that’s me too. I used to write every morning before I start my day, but I’m in the season of a baby on my hip first thing in the morning, not a pen in hand.

I highly recommend writing on paper versus typing in your phone, but doing the practice on your phone is WAY better that not doing it at all.

The benefit of using an app is that it has reminder and rewards to help you generate the habit of journaling.

Screen shot of New Gratitude App Post


And now for my pick…. drum roll please!


I downloaded the New Gratitude App. I think it will be fun to have a digital catalog of my gratitude pictures and there’s a high likely hood I can stick to loading a post each day while I nap with the babe.

I am also going to purchase the Lamare One Day at a Time Daily Planner. I can’t wait to look through it in person. My goal is to fill it out at least 4 days a week. I will share my progress on instagram and try to keep you motivated to fill yours out as well.

I’d love to know if you pick a gratitude journal or if you already have a favorite. Do you have any tips to stay dedicated each day?

Happy journaling!


*After falling in love with the Lamare One Day at a Time Daily Planner and deciding this was the one I was going to purchase, I noticed they had an affiliate link. I want to be transparent that I choose this planner because it was my favorite, not for the benefit of the affiliate link rewards.

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