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Adding the nutritious benefits of spinach to your otherwise not very nutrient dense waffles is so simple. You’ll never make regular waffles again!

How to add spinach to your waffles

Spinach Waffles

Free downloadable template so you can create your own Happier List.

Have you ever made a Happier List?

The holidays are just a couple days away. I know it’s too late for most shipping and some people are opting out of in-person shopping due to COVID, so here are a couple quick gift ideas that might help.  1). Subscription boxes. Sign your loved one up for a subscription box that fits their current passion […]

Need last minute, QUICK gift ideas? I got you.

Hello my friends! This is a short, but sweet list of three resources to help you create a gratitude routine. I’m looking for a new gratitude journal myself so I thought I would share my research with you and let you know which one I’m going to purchase. 1. Intelligent Change – The Five Minute […]

4 Journals to Help you Practice Gratitude

The Five-Minute Journal

Why haven’t I achieved my goals so far? What got in my way?

5 Tips to Reach Your Goals in Less Than 50 Days

The love for my daughter is so intense. I remember the first day I got home from the hospital I had moment of crying because I realized life as I knew it was different – in a great way, but different non the less. And I’m not referring to all the time and energy it […]

Adjusting to Motherhood: The hardest parts

When I was 20 years old, I was told that I wouldn’t be able to have kids naturally. Almost 10 years later, I’m sitting here, five months along with my little belly, writing about the journey that led me to my first pregnancy. It’s an indescribable feeling that I hope to never take for granted. […]

My first pregnancy: Why I still pinch myself every day that it’s real

It’s easy to over do food and treats when you are constantly attending parties, work activities, etc. during the holiday season. Then after a couple weeks, you aren’t feeling well, your skin is breaking out and your clothes are feeling a little snug. I like to enjoy the holidays, food and all, but I try […]

4 Easy Tips to Stay Healthy Through the Holidays

A Health and Wellness Coach helps people become the healthiest and best version of themselves. Leading a healthy lifestyle can seem very difficult with the demands of work, life responsibilities, relationships and cultural impacts. Many people feel stressed, anxious, tired, overweight, insecure or unhappy with themselves. Often those that want to create healthier habits struggle with […]

What is a Health & Wellness Coach?

I’m sharing my process for a habit reset so you can use this as an example if you want to do the same.

How To Reset a Habit in 5 Steps

Take 5 minutes to sit down and work on your habits.

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Use the GOLDEN tools shared in this free guide to help you crush your 2020 health goals.

Free Checklist: 15 Steps to a Strong, Healthy Body & Unstoppable Confidence