Need last minute, QUICK gift ideas? I got you.

The holidays are just a couple days away. I know it’s too late for most shipping and some people are opting out of in-person shopping due to COVID, so here are a couple quick gift ideas that might help. 

1). Subscription boxes. Sign your loved one up for a subscription box that fits their current passion or hobby. There’s the fun in receiving the box and also in the element of surprise. There are subscription boxes for everything these days. Here’s a handy link to lots of choices. You could also go the Meal Plan Subscription route for that busy person in your life who wants support getting a healthy meal on the table, although this might require some upfront discussion with your gift recipient to make sure it fits their needs. 

2). Electronic Gift Cards. Many companies offer gift cards that deliver a code to your email so you don’t need a physical gift card. Check your local stores websites or give them a call if they don’t show a gift card option online. It’s likely they have a quick and easy way for you to purchase a gift card from home. 

And don’t forget to think of gift cards/vouchers for small business services. Many of these small businesses, like myself, will gladly provide a a digital gift card for you to send via email to your gift recipient. A couple ideas that come to mind are: Artists, Personal Trainers, Health/Accountability Coaches, Photographers and Tutors/Teachers for a variety of skills.)

3. A personal plug here… I will be offering many “fresh start” programs in January, including a Clean Eating Cleanse, Routine Builder Workshop, Health Transformation Program and Accountability Groups. This is a great gift for someone who wants to tackle their New Year’s goals in a more strategic and committed way than they’ve tried in the past. I have digital gift cards available for any price starting at $25. Click here to order.

4. FREE. An Act of Service. Ask someone how you could help them. Ok, this might sound totally silly, but hear me out. We all need something money can’t buy. Is your gift recipient making a career change? Could they use help looking through your network for connections or reviewing a resume?

Perhaps your friend or family member has a small business and would love some support sharing their products and services.

Or maybe if this person is a grandparent who’s looking for more connection and entertainment during this hard year, you could introduce them to podcasts or Facebook Groups.

I encourage you to think outside the box. This year more than ever, an act of service could be the perfect gift. 

Bonus Idea: If you’re local, I still have a couple framed and unframed Affirmation Prints available that can be dropped off before 12/24. Affirmations are designed to remind you of your purpose, and inspire your commitment and perseverance. These prints are a perfect gift for starting the New Year. Don’t forget to use the code JUSTFORYOU for 20% off. If you’re interested in the framed version, please send me an email (framed versions are not shown on the website). 

I hope this gives you an idea for a last minute gift that doesn’t require you to go to the store, and that before 12/25. 

I hope you have a safe and happy holiday.

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